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Tucked away in peaceful surroundings yet conveniently close to Lahore's vibrant area, Paragon City offers an ideal location that combines tranquility with urban convenience. Within our gated community, you can enjoy both the calmness of secluded living and the luxuries of modern amenities. Continuing our tradition of excellence, we provide exceptional housing and lifestyle facilities. Plus, our strategic position just across from Lahore's cantonment area adds to the appeal

Our mission

To provide a safe, inclusive, and vibrant living environment where residents enjoy unparalleled amenities and services, fostering a sense of community and well-being

Our vision

We envision a housing society where every resident feels safe, valued, and empowered, where community bonds are strong, and where innovative amenities enhance the quality of life. Our commitment is to continually elevate standards of living and create an environment where families flourish and dreams find a home.

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"Experience Unmatched Living: A Haven of Security, Comfort, and Convenience


Paragon City stands as an epitome of modern living, offering an array of salient features meticulously crafted to enrich the lives of its residents. Our commercial areas thrive as vibrant hubs of activity, catering to diverse needs with a wide range of retail outlets, dining options, and entertainment venues. Security is paramount, with round-the-clock surveillance and highly trained personnel ensuring the safety and peace of mind of all residents. The theme park provides a haven for recreation and relaxation, offering a host of attractions for families to enjoy quality leisure time together. Sports enthusiasts find their haven in our state-of-the-art sports complex, equipped with top-notch facilities for various athletic pursuits. Residents find spiritual solace in our beautifully constructed mosques, fostering a sense of community and devotion. Education takes center stage with renowned institutes offering quality learning opportunities right within the community. Business centers and mega malls cater to the professional and lifestyle needs of residents, providing convenient access to a plethora of services and amenities. Underground electricity and gas supply ensure uninterrupted utility services, adding to the convenience and comfort of life in Paragon City. In essence, Paragon City is not just a housing society but a holistic living environment where every aspect of modern living is meticulously catered to, ensuring a life of comfort, convenience, and fulfilment for all residents.

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